About Margaret Wright

Commercial & Lifestyle Photographer

Ever since my days as a young girl exploring picturesque Charleston, SC, and the wild, rough aesthetic of the South, I’ve been drawn to beauty in all things. So it only makes sense that today I find myself capturing and creating beauty through images.

For a number of years I worked as a photographer and stylist for a home decorating company, where I fell in love with styling and learned the art of communicating a brand’s identity through images—how to tell the story of home. Today, I’m passionate about taking those skills into homes to tell the stories of builders, architects, and designers, and the beauty they create. I am also available for home staging and set design.

I love meeting clients or fellow creatives over coffee or a bite to eat to discuss your needs and how we may be able to partner to create beautiful images together.

I enjoy traveling and will happily meet you wherever your need is, but I split most of my time between my home base in Charleston, SC, and my home away from home in Nashville, Tenn.


Clients include:

Airbnb | Houzz | Hotel Del Coronado | PepsiCo | Revlon | Aldi | Alaska Air | Cinnabon | EOS | Nestlé | Playtex | Purina | Miracle-Gro | Choice Hotels | Folgers | Kirkland’s | Outshine | SkinCeuticals | Hormel | Logitech | Mead Johnson | Jack’s Pizza | Gold Eagle | Flipbelt