More Than Me.

More from the photo project.
  • Drinking: Ginger Coconut Tea
  • Listening to: The XX
  • Wearing: Polka-dot silk skirt, thrifted, and over-the-knees. I’m loving the long, flowy pleats on this breezy sun-kissed day.

Hello hello!

Can you believe it? I survived what has been, thus far, the nastiest week of the semester. Success!

In celebration, I caught up on a bit of the sleep that I’ve been missing (only a fraction, but oh, it was sweet). Phone calls to the dear ones back home were made & enjoyed. The sun was out today AGAIN. Lovely friends piled in the car & we played the Beach Boys all the way to lunch. If for only a day, winter was done & gone. Dinner party & Godard, then a quick trip to the park, & my day was complete. Happyhappyhappy.

But then, the week wasn’t all bad. My mailbox was supportive, brightening my days with cookies from my cousin (he’s four, and the cutest. I miss him much), the beach in a box, & a card with no purpose other than to say “Spring is coming!”

But in all this good, I have to remember the terrors that are happening not so far away. First Haiti, now Chile, & deadly storms in France & Spain, even, are affecting brothers and sisters abroad in ways we can’t even imagine. And until I can get there myself, to do what little  good I can, I’m keeping these people in my heart.