• Drinking: Gusta Java’s latest brew –– New Guinea! I give it both of my thumbs up.
  • Listening to: Telepopmusik.
  • Wearing: A hat, coat & gloves. Brrrr!

Hello, cheri!

The day has finally come, & here you have it –– my behind-the-scenes capturing of the 7.11.10 fashion photo shoot by Abby Ott Photo. It’s an insider’s view of the all the glamour, featuring the stunning Alesia Fisher, & all the fun had by our collaborative team (besides our lovely model & photographer/organizer of the event, we had Kristi McMurry on production, Haley Gallagher styling & myself, goofing around with my new favorite toy, documenting the event & lending a hand with the styling). It was such a great time with such amazing women –– I can only hope for more to come soon.

As for the video, I’m really pleased with how it came out. I’ve still got miles to go, but I’d say it was a definite step up from the last one. And I already can’t wait to try another!

I hope you can catch a glimpse of what we were all able to experience that night, cheri –– a dreamy, fun-filled and truly beautiful atmosphere. (And although a good chunk of the clothes came out of my closet –– take note of my new favorite thing: the giant, camel-colored sweater –– I say that modestly. Alesia does them much more justice than me.)

Other than that, enjoy, cheri! And keep on the lookout for more photos to come on Abby’s blog.


{Photo & video by me, diptych taken on Holga 135TIM}