15 first.

“When I was 25 years old, I wanted to change the world and I said to myself, ‘I cannot change the world.’ When I was 30 years old, I said to myself, ‘I definitely will change the world.’ At the age of 35, I realized that the world was changing me, and I didn’t like that at all.
And now I’m 40. I’ve decided it’s on me to change, and maybe by my own change, I can change the small world around me.”
-Marjane Satrapi


& happy weekend!

Today, I’m excited to share with you a little something I’ve been working on––a little something that hopefully will turn into a whole new me.

It all started with some inspiration from Melissa over at &erson blog, who began a list bulleting 30 to-do’s before her 30th birthday. That, combined with the realization that graduation is a mere three months away, yet I have no idea how I’ll transition from the collegiate life to the 9–5 overnight, gave me an idea.

I decided to make my own list, breaking the three remaining months of my college career into 15 weeks, 15 to-do’s. Because a lot’s going to be changing in the next 15 weeks’ time, & I figure I better change along with it.

I may not know yet where I’ll be after graduation, what I’ll be doing, or how on earth to get there, but I do know I’ll be prepared. I don’t want to fall into this new life on accident, I want to step into it purposefully, ready for what the world’s about to throw my way. Come May, I want to be able to concentrate on my career, on working hard & proving my worth, not distracted by the absence of afternoon naps, a new sleep schedule & a briefcase of regrets. Because leaving behind the life lived collegiate means more than the end of homework & tests, but also road trips & living in a building of all my best buds. So while I’m attempting to move beyond some of my college-aged habits, like sleeping in & staying out late, the list isn’t all about moving on. It’s also about making the most of those good things I’m about to give up.

These things aren’t necessarily to be done in order, & I don’t plan to concentrate on just one each week. Instead, I hope to slowly build each item into habit throughout this time, the only parameter being they’re all done by graduation day. Until then, cheri, I’ll keep you posted on my progress along the way!