15//15 :: Hitting Halfway

  • Listening to: Nashville’s oh-so-fun Vinyl Thief.
  • Drinking: Green tea frappes.
  • Wearing: Chambray & polka-dotted cotton. It may just be spring, cheri, but it sure feels like summer to me.

Hello, cheri!

I’ve been told I’m overdue on a check-up for the old 15//15 project. Oops! So here’s where I am so far, just about halfway through––eight weeks in, seven weeks to go!

1. The quest to becoming an early riser.

I think I mentioned making my schedule so that every morning I’ve got places to be by either 8 or 8:30 a.m. While I still have my days (usually after getting in around 3 from all-nighters with the newspaper) where I don’t quite make it on time, I’d say overall I’m well on my way toward becoming a more punctual person (also #12 on my list)! Even on those days that I do try to give myself some breathing room & a few extra minutes sleep, my body’s been up & ready to roll before my alarm is able to buzz. And that’s what I call a success.

2. Make room for reading.

My original goal for this one was to go through a book a month. Unfortunately, my school schedule has put me a little behind, so that I’m finishing a book about every five weeks––still, not half bad. In February I sopped up my second Donald Miller––”Searching for God Knows What.” His words, both his message & his means, the beautiful way in which he crafts them, never fail to influence & inspire. In March I began “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius,” by Dave Eggers. I’m less than 100 words from the finish, & it’s been a blast working my way through. If you haven’t read any of his works, I would highly recommend that you do.

The rest I’m going to summarize here: I’ve definitely been thinking more about everything I’m putting in my body––from Lex lunches to snacking at home & on the go. I made the switch to everyone’s new favorite––almond milk––& I finally understand the craze. That stuff is fantastic. Other than that, I’m buying organic where I can & drinking a heck of a lot more water. As far as brand building, I finished & printed my business cards, ended up with a hundred smeared designs & realized the paper I decided on was somehow stamp-resistant. And, in the end, after hours spent straightening & slicing, I finally understood the value of paying the extra $10 to have the printer do the cutting, as well. Oh, & I’m in the process of planning a trip! More on that to come later this week––

Thanks for your continued support & accountability, cheri. I’m almost on track––about halfway through both the list & the time I’ve got left. I’ll be sure to keep you posted as I plow through the rest––I know it’s going to fly by. 46 Days!