It’s only been a few days since I took a tinsy trip up to Nashville for a weekend, which quickly became five days, & felt like longer, but at the same time, felt like nothing at all, like the quickest of moments in time. That’s the kind of magic that can happen when you find yourself at home in someone else’s home, treated to a time warp where nothing really has to be done, but there’s always something to do. And man oh man did we do a lot –– of everything & nothing –– for five runaround days & four rest-filled nights. The whole trip, you may remember, was in celebration of a very dear man’s birthday, & we partied the weekend away –– eating, drinking & waterskiing our way through all that the city had to offer.

(Okay, so, the waterskiing was actually a bit outside of town, but nonetheless.)

And from days on the lake to days spent exploring Nashville’s new & notable eating scene, it was the perfect combination of bustle & bumming around.

So here’s a glimpse of day one of what I’ll forever be referring to as the Best Weekend Ever. J’adore!

Also, I’ll be intermittently mixing my photos from the weekend with some insanely awesome iPhone photos from my fancy friends, from moments when I didn’t feel like toting the big boy camera around or dropping it to the bottom of the lake. Betcha can’t guess which are which! (Betcha can.)