Motif, please?

Easy mornings.

  • Drinking: Holiday Tea
  • Listening to: Adele
  • Wearing: The snuggliest of sweaters, a Calvin Klein given me in the airport by a sweet stranger

A morning with nothing to do.

Time to turn the alarm to off, not just snooze, and spend some moments snuggling under covers with the kitten. Time to linger over my second cup of coffee, not spill half of it and suck down the other in a mad rush to be less than twenty minutes late. Time to catch up on the e-mails and phone calls I’ve been delaying – and to do it in my slippers. The smooth, deep tones of Adele are soothingly gliding out of my computer. Berries and cream for breakfast.

This is nice.

But as to day 4, please don’t think that I cheated. Though I am bound to be writing every day, I may not always choose to blog. Last night I turned my attention to the long-neglected Twitter page, and in less than 140 words updated a profile that has not been touched in months.

I feel I am getting into a rut with this blog already. I suppose it needs a theme, as most blogs have. All of my favorites are photo blogs, but the whole point of this thing was so that I would write more! I think it needs some kind of consistency, though, so it’s not just a public, digital diary. Ideas, anyone?