Tales of Lurve & Cupcakes.

In a rampant whirlwind of heart shaped cards & letters, eating everything in sight — from hand-painted French chocolates to Malaysian curry — & parties ranging from a celebration of birth, to the new (Chinese) year, to Gaga & bad romances everywhere, the great day of Love has come & passed.

This year we rocked out more than ever before — I’m not sure I even put this much effort into Christmas! My list of to-do’s went on as thus:

  • Make & ice half of a hundred cupcakes
  • Stay up until 2AM handcrafting Valentines
  • Go nutso on a pair of old pink heels to create the perfect party shoe
  • Play host to a hoard of Valentiners during our Saturday night fete
  • Stay positive in regards to finding myself dateless on the big day

Kidding — this was perhaps the least lonesome of all my Valentines days, because even though this will be the 19th year in a row I’ve gone without Hugh Grant showing up on my doorstep with a signed copy of Sense & Sensibility & a diamond ring, I was not alone.

So thanks to all the fabulous people who played a part in making my weekend memorable.

P.S. It’s snowing here. Again!