Africa Diaries: One Week Overseas.

  • Drinking: Five Roses tea.
  • Listening to: The sweet sound of Zooey Deschanel.
  • Wearing: Lace-up boots & army-green pants (nobody wants to mess with somebody in military-inspired garb!) a button-down & a vest.

Well, cheri, it may be the beginning of June, but I am unashamedly watching Christmas movies in my frosty flat. I say every season is a season to be jolly, and holiday flicks are a feel-good guarantee. Besides the fact that it’s freezing in here. Have I mentioned it’s winter in South Africa?

I thought so. In other news, I’ve officially survived overseas for an entire week!

Here’s my survival guide so far (in what many claim to be one of the most crime-ridden cities in the world):

Step 1: Don’t leave the house.

Step 2: If you do leave the house, you must be accompanied by at least one other individual.

Step 3: Abide by these rules, but complain about them at every possible opportunity.

Step 4: Look intimidating. I actually stole this one from a guy I saw power-walking down the street, incessantly punching the air as he went. Air-boxing, I thought. Good one!

Step 5: Always hide your purse behind your knees while driving to avoid “smash-and-grabs.” Just the fact that they have a nickname for this kind of behavior is enough to scare me in to compliance. Keep in mind this rule is much easier to follow if your purse is not the size of a small duffel, like some. (mostly me)

Step 6: At night, they say not to stop your vehicle at red lights or stop signs in order to avoid carjacking situations. This sounds almost as dangerous, traffic-wise, as risking it & actually stopping, but I’ll add it to the list.

Step 7: Risk annoying friends & family by always leaving valuables, like the camera, at home & out of potential muggers’ grasps.

OK, Step 7 isn’t actually a rule. But it’s what I’ve been doing, which is, I know, stupid. From now on, I promise to start taking it out & taking more photos.

Until next time!