All that Glitters.

  • Cooking: Pesto tonight with the ladies.
  • Wearing: My signature go-to combination of lifeguard orange & turquoise over a floaty denim skirt & old woman leather boat shoes (not kidding – I got them out of a bag of goods someone was giving away after a relative passed).
  • Listening to: Eyes Wide by the Local Natives

Hello cheri!

Did you know – it’s Friday! What a relief. I plan to (pretend to) be obligation free for the entire afternoon. We’ll see how that goes.

Earlier this week I had a meeting. Not the type that takes place in a professional setting, amongst professionals, but the kind that takes place in a coffee shop with a professional, yes, but down-to-earth sort of counselor. Deciding what to wear to such things is always a feat. (For example, rewind one more week & I was a part of a similar, but much more formal, meeting. I wore an attractive A-line skirt & knit top over sandal wedges – not too business. Yet my counterpart mistook me for a college grad & commented on my formality. Just because I am a college student does not mean I can’t distinguish between appropriate & inappropriate times to grunge around in sweats.)

(Thank goodness.)

This time I toned it down by pairing a nice skirt (wool pencil) with a men’s V-neck over flats – practically my uniform at my previous summer job. It seemed to do the trick. The skirt is studded with bronze-color embellishments, & is one of my favorite pieces. I am all for some metallics right now, & somehow keep reaching for the same bronzey type of hardware. Paired with metallic gladiators (a birthday gift from home) a studded bag & headband (gifts from a roommate), & I was somewhere between tough chic & a little too shiny.

Anyway, here are some detail shots.

Oh – & since this post is coming off even more narcissistic & shallow than the already narcissistic nature of blogging in general, I’m going to insert my reporting website again to show that I actually am serious (sometimes). Also, just finished this book: The Hour of Departure: Forces that Create Refugees and Migrants. It’s a little dated, but jam-packed with wonderful & thought-provoking information, all in 50 easy-to-read pages. Love love love.

Here’s the link:


{photo credit: 1., 2., & 3., taken by me. 4. & 5. by Abby Ott}