Hello, cheri!

I told you I’d been working on a lot of love stories lately, didn’t I? Well, folks, here’s yet another great one: Amanda & Matt. These guys are just a fantastic pair––goofy & great & so very in love. And the best part of all? They’re going to be staying close by in Jackson even after the wedding––a real rarity in these post-grad days. Jackson is where they fell in love & started dating, got engaged & where, come November, they’re tying the knot. So it only seemed fitting to do their engagements downtown & show a little of the city that means so much to their story.

So grateful for these friends & the fact that I get to keep them around a while longer. Hope you all get a good idea of who these special folks are through their photos. You should definitely be able to get a glimpse of their silly sides––I’ve got the thumb war, high-fiving & piggy-back-attack pictures to prove it. We also took some in front of a sculpture downtown––Amanda studied art & especially loved sculpture in school. Matt even had a plan to propose in a sculpture garden in New Orleans!