An update.

Hello, cheri!

It’s been a while since my last post––& an even longer while since my last post that wasn’t simply a sampling of my latest work. And yes, this post is even a little bit dedicated to what it is I’ve been up to lately. I guess that’s just part of being a real-world, working girl. I don’t have as much time for the just-for-fun stuff because these days, I’m out there doing the real thing.

But then sometimes, you get an opportunity to combine work & play––in other words, somebody catches your vision & actually pays you to do what you love. Man, that’s the best.

So today I’m going to talk a little about one of my favorite projects I get to work on of late. It’s called Street Style––your basic, Scott Schuman-inspired run-down of real life style in a city. For me, that city is Jackson. And I am Scott Schuman. Except for the part where I am a woman & not nearly as awesome & amazing, etc. What I’m trying to say is, I’m the new beauty & fashion girl for the Jackson Sun, & I have been given the honor of putting together a street style column once a month, as well as one other fashion story & two beauty features for our Jackson Life edition. It’s fun being a freelance sort of style columnist. My editor had me write a little bio & send in a photo to run alongside my stories, so I like to pretend I am Carrie Bradshaw & very cool, etc.

Anyway, here is a peek at my first month’s work:

My bio that ran with it:

Welcome to the first edition of Street Style, the Jackson Sun’s new monthly spread dedicated to the everyday art of a carefully crafted outfit. Each month, I will take to the streets of our city, from the North to the South and Midtown, too, keeping my eyes wide for the unique.

Perhaps Elizabeth Hawes, the 1938 author of “Fashion is Spinach,” said it best: “I don’t know when the word fashion came into being, but it was an evil day. For thousands of years people got along with something called style and maybe, in another thousand, we’ll go back to it.

“Style doesn’t change every month or every year. It only changes as often as there is a real change in the point of view and lives of the people for whom it is produced.”

Each month, I will continue on my hunt for those cleverly incorporated details that give a guy or gal that coveted instinct of not simply copy-cat trendiness, but real, inherent style.

And who am I? I am childhood doodler of dresses, former Style editor of my college newspaper and today, I run a blog dedicated part-time to the art of living that is style.


The October issue just came out this week, so I’ll be posting that up soon as well. Until then, here’s a look at what the style writer herself has been wearing. Hooray for fall-weather suede shoes & tights, amen?