As you may know, last week was the first of 52 to come in my 22nd year. Twenty-two! It seems so blasé––no landmarks or frills to go along with this birthday. But that didn’t make it any less magical. Because the best part of this year is the people I’m being surrounded by in it. On Saturday, I was led into a tucked-away pocket park downtown & thrown a surprise birthday brunch by all of my closest dears. It was all the things I love most thrown together into one great party––possibly the best party I can remember––& it made me feel like the luckiest lady around.

And when I was tempted to despair about my 22nd year, AKA my ascent into adulthood, sweet Kristi looked at me & said 22 was, for her, the very best year. So here’s to hoping I’ll one day say the same, & three cheers for this grand voyage that will be the next year of my little life. I can’t wait to see the way it unfolds.

So many cameras! It was a paparazzi party. But that’s what you get when you have a passel of talented blogger-type friends. Check out their stuff here: GoldfishOnWheat // KristiMcMurry // SmallTownWhit // BecomingHisBride // RyanOetting // ThingsAsTheyAre