Busy busy! As it happens with everyone, things to do have all piled up and pounced upon me in the same week!

Just so you all know I’m still alive, here are a few dreamy things I’d love to share:

But then I’d say softer/Eyes bright with your seeing/A gift, love/No words/Come closer Look, it’s all me.

In photo editing class, we had to take a photo in the style of a familiar photographer. I chose a flickr favorite,


The poem is ancient Egyptian. Ancient! We had to read a ton of them in early world literature class. I loved them all. And it went to prove one of my favorite points, that humans are humans are humans are humans. Even a 2000 year old Egyptian woman can think and feel the way that I still do, in Tennessee, year 2010. Who says you can’t learn anything good in school?

Well, that’s it for now. Hopefully I can write more soon. All kinds of love.