Change: nothing but a thing.

  • Eating: Indian curry (chicken & mango!). This was my first time making it, & I’d say it was a near success!
  • Wearing: A brand new floral crop top over black jeans. I am in love.
  • Listening to: the Amelie soundtrack. Again.

Hello, cheri, & a very merry fall break to you all (even if it’s not fall break for you. Pretend like it is)!

What a productive weekend this has been! I’ve done quite a lot of cleaning house –– from decorating (see photos below) to completing my messy list of to-do’s to refreshing my heart & mind. And in the midst of all this, I discovered something new. It was one of those sweet moments –– you open your eyes & see everything fresh.

Nobody likes change. I certainly don’t. And aside from one particularly successful campaign trail, the word is nearly always pronounced with a scowl & a knot in the stomach.

Change of plans. Change of location. Change of familiarity. It’s frightful, really.

But what makes the idea so unwelcome? Is there anything inherently wrong with change? One thing I’ve come to learn is there absolutely is not. As much as being stuck in our old ways & averse to the new is a natural fact of life, so is change. It is inevitable. It is untraceable. It is unavoidable. But it is not irredeemable.

I have to wonder what my life would be like if I embraced every chance to change & to be changed. Mostly, I think it would be a great deal simpler.

The hard thing about change, you see, is fighting it.

And that’s all I’ve got for now, cheri! Here are some photos of the changes my apartment has undergone of late. And boy am I embracing them!

{photo credit: self. 1., 2. & 3. finally hanging the earring holder my wonderful roommate made for me 4. the finished product 5. finally hung all the necklaces as well 6., 7. & 8. artwork in my room! The eventual plan is to frame them all, but it’s a start. The first is an art deco piece from a 1960 edition of a women’s magazine. It was a rendition of the papal visit to the East. The rest are assorted fashion shoots I’ve collected over the years}