Isn’t love grand?

(click the photo to see it bigger!)

My roommate of two years & friend for four became a fiancee this semester, & she asked me to shoot her engagement photos! (And yes, this will also be my first time bridesmaiding! Hurrah, I will actually be in the country for someone’s wedding!) Shooting them was a blast. We went out this morning, braving the cold & the wind, & poor Zach braving a hip injury, & roamed around town for an hour or two. I was so excited to get some shots with the  ginkgoes in full fall glory (especially since one of their wedding colors may or may not be yellow!), but by the time our schedules aligned there weren’t many leaves left. They were sports, though, & frolicked in the few we found.

Anyway, thanks Courtney and Zach for being so special to me. I’m absolutely beside myself about this wedding. More photos to come soon!