Cycling: not for sissies.

  • Drinking: Passion Tea. Tea in general–by the gallon.
  • Listening to: The XX, Far East Movement & Pomplamoose, alternately. Strange, I know.
  • Wearing: Heels much too high for the amount of hiking today has required of me. My feet are one step away from mutiny.

Hello, cheri! Long time, no blogging–I know!

First things first, I should probably clarify my deviating post last week. I’m currently in a reporting class that requires a journalistic blog, and long story short, I accidentally posted it on here, instead of here:

Quite the simplistic, yet professional, little thing, is it not? Anyway, I’ll be posting weekly over there for the semester, & maybe even after, on a refugee-related theme, if you’re ever in the mood for something serious.

Moving on. I was planning to blog so soon about the new love in my life–my absolutely charming cream-colored cruiser! (A replacement to the late, great, stolen bike from before.) I even took these sweet photos of him to show off! Unfortunately, the two of us have been through a few rough moments the past couple of days.

Last night: two absolute scum-of-the-earth type of ladies ran me off the sidewalk and to my (near) death–my first bike-wreck! You may or may not attribute it to the fact that I was talking & driving–on the phone.

And today: the beautiful basket I worked so hard to find & secure decided to tear off mid-cycle & crash into the middle of the street–computer & purse inside. Fortunately, all is well–aside from the basket.

That said, I hope all is well with you, cheri! Also, bike with caution. And while you’re at it, check out me & Kristi McMurry, here: