Eat, Pray, Love.

Or as I would say, love eating & praying.

A wonderful Wednesday to you, cheri! As you may have guessed, I finally got around to watching Eat, Pray, Love this weekend. Wildly unrealistic & fanciful as it may have been, it was a wonderful escape into the ideal — so wonderful, in fact, that I decided it was high time I picked up my yoga mat again and started doing some quiet reflection myself. So this morning, good intentions in hand, I downloaded YOGAmazing, an exercise podcast, on the recommendation of a friend. It was great to spend an afternoon inside, out of the cold & the wind, filling my lungs, stretching, and emptying them again. Yoga is so calming, & at the same time empowering — what an incredible way to clear your mind & focus on God, or others, or nothing, or everything — except for yourself. It was yo-great. (Okay, so maybe that doesn’t work as well as yogamazing. I promise next time I’ll leave the clever puns to Chaz, the voice behind the videos.)

As for eating & loving, yesterday was spent with miss Amanda Stripling, one of the loves of my life, eating & simply playing around. And boy, did we eat well. Amanda works as a finely-dressed hostess at quite the restaurant. Called Fish, it’s a fusion of Asian and French cooking, and the dishes that result are mind blowing, to say the least. Take for example my lunch plate yesterday: tuna-stuffed moo shoo wraps packed with jasmine rice, daikon, green & red onions, cilantro, & carrots, drizzled in ginger aioli & set beside a salad of soy-drenched local tomatoes. I’m already wanting more.

After lunch, the two of us had planned to make some photos (she is a truly stunning little lady with a closet that makes me drool) & drop into a little macaroon shop on John Street, but the weather (probably in response to my cheeky comments last time around) was unbearably cold & windy & the bakery was closed. I managed to snap a few before we called it quits, but expect better to come. Until then, here’s a taste!


{photos by me: 1. Amanda in Marion Square 2. & 3. Amanda at the station}