Whatever happened to elegance?

  • Eating: Thai cuisine & brownies. A pretty typical girls night of cooking.
  • Listening to: Lady Gaga. I still hadn’t seen the new video until tonight, & I must say I’m pretty disappointed in it. She’s been less creative — & less clothed — in her last couple of videos & as she continues to grow in fame. I’d like to see her go back to the early Gaga days. She’s capable of so much more.
  • Wearing: A drop-waist skirt, tassel top & an incredibly large flower on my head. Did I give up on my resolution, you may ask? Not even a little. What I did do, though, was to collaborate with some photographer friends on a 1920s-inspired shoot they were working on this weekend (the photos above I took sort of behind-the-scenes).

And now I’m ready to jump in a time machine & Charleston my way around town. Oh, the glamor! It was so much fun dressing up; there were a few of us modeling, so looking around you could almost fool yourself into thinking it was all real. Driving back home we even passed an old Rolls Royce, ivory & glittering its way down the rural roads outside Jackson. It truly was like a time warp.

Now I’m back to reality, an ultra-casual, tell-all & tell it on TV world of T-shirts & tennis shoes. I know it’s been said before, but I wish we could go back to the charm of another time. Fashion today may be chic, things may be beautiful or artistic, modern or seductive, flashy or simple, but rarely does our society do anything with elegance anymore –– be it fashion or not. I think that’s why I enjoyed the Donna Karan & Vera Wang shows so much this year. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such sophisticated collections. There was dignity in their designs.

Forget reality TV. Quit plastering pop stars on the cover of Vogue. Start making swimwear that fits actual human beings, & quit making Uggs. America, let’s get our class back.

Of course, I couldn’t mention the 20s without referencing the alluring Ms. Bow.


I did some Googling around for inspiration while I was getting ready for the shoot, & I wanted to share with you some of what I found. Be inspired!

J’adore, cheri!