Flip This.

  • Eating: Chocolate. Mo’s Bacon Bar, to be exact. You should probably look into it.
  • Listening to: Zero 7.
  • Wearing: PJ’s! I’m thinking this has been the most relaxed day of my semester, & I’m eating it up.

Hello, cheri!

I’m not writing much tonight; I only wanted to give you what I promised –– the product of my very first shot at videography!

Take a look.


Note: All of this was shot on a borrowed Flip Camera (while I awaited the arrival of my own Kodak zi8) (it came in the mail today!) for a quick video piece on our newspaper’s website. The event was my first time shooting on a Flip, & the particular model I got my hands on was not HD so the picture isn’t the clearest. But overall, I’m extremely pleased with it. Ignore the fade-to-black there at the beginning with Jim (isn’t he the cutest/funniest thing you’ve ever seen? He completely sums up the vibe of the evening), it was a first-time woopsie.


{photo credit: TJ Hester}