A dining guide to the Holy City.

What do you get when you plop 3 hardcore foodettes (& one apathetic eater who graciously trailed along for the ride) in a city of endless dining opportunity? A spring break chock full of feasting to our hearts content. Eating our way from the front to Broad, Grandma’s home cooking to G & M’s fast & french fare, we filled our bellies & emptied our pockets until, as Eunice pointed out, “We’re going to have to eat sand.”

Our Holy City dining guide? Read on.


Hello, mom’s kitchen. Hello, eggs & bacon pouring out my ears. Merci merci!


Gaulart & Maliclet.

  • One of my all time favorites. I’m even stuck in an ordering rut – which never happens to me – & always opt for the O’Salmon with one of their delicate soups de jour! This time I went wild, however, & went with the ham & brie croissant. Yum! Paired with a spicy ginger soda & cheese plate for 3, you’ve got me on cloud 9.

Caviar & Bananas.

  • You honestly can’t go wrong here. Think Dean & Deluca but local – this gourmet grocery is paired with such an assortment of scrumptious fare that I always end up taking a shameful amount of time to place an order. I opted for salmon paired with a quinoa cranberry salad, which was nice, but I’ll never forget the zucchini strip salad they once offered that tasted nothing short of ––– bliss.

Taco Boy

  • Barefoot & bathing suit approved, this joint offers a mean fish taco & a queso bowl we never fail to scrape dry. This time I ordered tuna, but the Baja (tempura fried Mahi with purple cabbage & yogurt sauce) will always have my heart.


  • Gourmet burgers and sweet potato fries. Need I say more? I did a build-your-own with apples & brie – divine. Their sister café Five Loaves is also a favorite.

The Continental Corner

  • We actually only stopped off here for tapas at the close of an afternoon spent Flowertowning at the festival in Summerville, but I thought I’d include it just for kicks.


Bowens Island Restaurant.

  • The most authentic seafood I’ve ever eaten. Go ahead, quote me on it. While taking photos on the restaurant dock, the girls & I got a scare from a loud “Boo!” straight out of the river. The deviant? Oh, just a wetsuit clad man taking a swim, catching the oysters we were about to see on our plates. I knew it was going to be good when we discovered the road leading to the place was made of dirt. Oh, & can you believe we only ate dinner out one time? I can’t! But that’s what we get for being broke & in college. And for having a domestic goddess for a mother.

Tasty tidbits:


  • I realize I bring this up way too much.

Kudu house of coffee.

  • They brew it strong & have lovely light; it’s a casual-cool atmosphere with deep African undertones – one of the best coffee spots I’ve ever come across.

Christophe Artisan Chocolatier

  • Yes, them again. If only to flaunt that my Easter bunny this year was handcrafted & French.

Other nomz worth noting:

Shine Restaurant.

  • An absolute favorite. Serving international street fare in the hippest of environments, this ultra-mod eatery on the corner of what was & what’s up & coming serves up a hummus plate worth noting, and a rigatoni dish to die for.


  • This place is getting a lot of attention from the local scene, so I’ll keep it quick. Eat here if you’re craving Thai but are more in the mood for T-straps than to-go bags.

Red Orchid

  • Here can be found best Chinese in town, served up in style. Polished dark wood tables, vintage black & white photographs on the deep red walls, & tunes the likes of Billy Holiday give a classic-chic ambiance to go along with your tangerine chicken, which is a must for diners-in.

Sermet’s Corner

  • West meets East within the 4 mirrored walls (covered in an eclectic selection of art that I can’t get enough of) of Sermet’s suave corner bistro. His dishes have such deep, richness of flavor, the likes of which fills your soul & warms your toes. Though for me & my friends, ordering one of their overflowing platters of sweet potato fries is at least half the fun.


  • Drool-worthy wood-fired pizza & glassware made of Masons are only two reasons why Extra Virgin Oven should have a spot on your itinerary. The third, and perhaps most important, being sous chef John Eric Battles & his dark chocolate caramel sea salt bar. J’adore!

Oh, there are so many more, cheri, but for now my bedtime has passed. Perhaps I can share them soon! For now, here are some of my favorite SB food photos, and of course all of my love.

{1.Window display downtown 2.G&M 3.Taco Boy 4.Greek 5.Caviar & Bananas}