Full Frontal Snogging.

Hello cheri!

Pardon my absence – I have much to catch you up upon, but another day.

As I type this, my eye is on the clock, watching for the crucial moment when my black and white creme brulee will make its transition from custard to crisp. Then it’s up to watch the British comedy Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging, based off the tween novel series that sent me, my twenty-something-year-old cousin, and my mom into raptures not so very long ago. They may be meant for a slightly more youthful audience, but these books are some of the most hilarious things I have ever read. If you catch me laughing out loud and alone in public, it may because of Georgia and her red bottomosity. Or fabity fab fabulosity.


The creme brulee was perfection. Reminded me of a favorite scene from a favorite film, Amelie.

I have to agree with her, cracking the creme brulee really is a lovely treat. One of the best.

Speaking of Audrey Tautou, does anyone know when Coco before Chanel comes to video? Opening night my dear friend Abby and I took a roadtrip to Nashville, the nearest possible city (at the time) in which it was playing. After a dreamy run at our favorite Nashvegas stop for some spicy hot chocolate fondue and coffee, we made it to the theatre. Lovely, lovely film. And after we were greeted by a wild hoard of Rocky Horrorites. Hello, hairy legs and mini skirts.

I found these delightful old videos (that somehow made it) on Youtube of Coco and an early collection. Notice her move, carelessly sophisticated, and her tone. Classic. Enjoy, darlings!