• Eating: mom’s toffee. the best.
  • Wearing: a favorite pair of black denim jeans & an old top – you know those treasures you paid for years ago but never actually wear, until that one exciting day comes when it just works, & you feel oh-so-justified in having kept it all this time? One of those.
  • Listening to: gospel.


The best of days. Worship at my parent’s church is always a delight. Redeemer is such a joyful community of faith. Of course I’m already missing my church back in Tennessee, where I joined what feels like much longer than just a week past with close to 50 other brothers & sisters, as the first crowd of dedicated attendees united in official togetherness (City is a church plant that just instituted its own membership, & independence, too, I suppose).

After the service, my family & I met some friends for brunch at Halls Chophouse on King. Sunday afternoons, they set up for “Gospel Brunch,” with a menu to die for (http://hallschophouse.com/brunch-menu) and a beautiful choir that captures tones I can only sit back & smile over my grits at. Speaking of those grits, I can honestly say they were some of the best I’ve ever had – pepperjack. Also on my plate was a flavorful square of blackened salmon, sprinkled in a tangy cucumber yogurt sauce, with a side of hollandaise-dredged asparagus – the biggest you’ve ever seen! It was absolutely wonderful. There are few things I appreciate more than good food & the heart-wrenching notes achieved by a gospel choir when they sing, “I’ll fly away!”

One hour-long nap & two afternoons of unpacking later, & my room is finally cozy again. Plus, I get the added bonus of feeling like I’ve accomplished something aside from a beautiful day of being at rest.

Close your eyes, cheri.

Historic Church, King St., Charleston. Spring'10