Hello, Again.

photo by Kristi McMurry, www.kristimcmurry.blogspot.com

It’s been a while.

And I know that’s bad blogging form.

But here’s the deal: After Africa, & before & during, but mostly after, I realized I couldn’t keep up with all I was committed to. This resulted in, among other things, me facing the fact that I had to cut something loose. And regrettably, that something ended up being this blog.

But, after some sweet time spent away, I’ve decided to rejoin the cyber world of storytellers, and continue on with mine.

But before I begin with what’s new, I should probably extend a short summary of all that happened over my sabbatical.

So here you have it.

Along with my vacation from the blogging world, I took a holiday from the real world and spent some time with my beautiful family in the gorgeous Gulf Coast. Carolina born & bred, I wasn’t so sure about the unfamiliar shores of the panhandle and Southern Alabama, but let me tell you, I was blown straight away.

After that, amid much pomp & circumstance –– & a 30-something layer crepe cake (made by yours truly) ––

I turned 21!

A triumph we celebrated over three different occasions & rang in with a weekend in Nashville & the city’s first ever

Southern Artisan Wine & Cheese Festival

Which was fabulous (be expecting an expanded post to come).

Finally, I purchased a beautiful, beautiful new camera to venture deeper into the realm of videography, an example of which I will show you tomorrow! But until then,

Here’s a hint:

So please be checking back by then––I’m dying for your feedback.

As always, J’adore, cheri. I never stopped.

It’s good to be back.