Hello, I’m here!

  • Eating: truffle parmesan french fries followed by salmon in orzo. Who knew they had fine dining in small town Georgia?
  • Wearing: my new slippers. For sluffing across my new very own floor.
  • Listening to: Feist, the remix.

Hello from Georgia, cheri!

I have news! A novel, mind-numbing discovery, really. There is officially a place that gets hotter than Charleston. Bonjour, South Georgia! 6,000 miles away from the slightest hint of a body of water, & accompanying breeze, home to the heat. It’s amazing everyone here isn’t an absolute rail, with the buckets of water-weight that are sure to be lost through sweat.

All that to say, this town is freakin’ adorable! I lucked out with a Mayberry, & I mean, dead-ringer. So many good things have happened already, including a one-eyed cat & a gourmet dining experience – right when I’d decided there was nothing but bars & grills & soda shop diners! But all of this newness has me worn out, so it’s goodnight, dear new city. Hello, foreign bed.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get to documenting this place, until then <33