Old Homes, New Heart.

  • Eating: homemade salmon patties. Good for me, bad for all my roommates who aren’t so accustomed to the smell of fish in the house.
  • Listening to: Lykke Li.
  • Wearing: Shorts & a T-shirt.

Hello, cheri!

Today I wanted to share with you some photos from the project I was talking about not so long ago — only these pictures are from a separate, 50s-inspired shoot, & these are the actual images that were submitted, shot by the lovely & talented Miss Allison Little.

That day, much like the other, we rendezvoused at a decrepit old house & romped around its dusty floors, standing tall & smiling in the middle of a room where everything else was falling apart. Tattered drapes & a lone, worn mattress were the only signs of life left inside the torn walls. And yet that house was once a home, a dwelling space for a life.

I had to wonder what happened in that place. Was there a specific incident that caused such abandonment, or was it simply a lack of upkeep? Whatever the case, it reminded me a lot of what I’ve been learning about love lately. Relationships require not just an avoidance of the big fights that could lead to abandonment, but constant upkeep, too, is a must. Without care, love will slip away from even the strongest foundations. What is left in its place? Only an empty shell.

But just like houses, those broken relationships can always be revived and refurbished. All it takes is a little hard work — & a lot of heart.


The (horrible) chair I was sitting in:

Creepiest house ever: