How To: Wear Your White Tee.


Today, I’d like to talk a little about my favorite style staple: The White Tee. Oh, how I love them! I mean really, they’re soft, airy, decently attractive on pretty much anybody, & come in a pack of three for $10. You can’t beat it.

Then again, there are lots of way to wear them wrong. And I have, at times, been victim to them all. For example: The style rut. This happens right around the time a person first discovers the joys of the White Tee. So soft! So easy to layer! And said person begins to wear their new-found friend every day. I was that person.

So to keep you away from the same mistakes I made, I decided to do a little post, along with Kristi, to show you some examples of how we wear our White Tees today. Kristi styled it up with a more modern look, layering darker colors with clean details to add interest. I tucked mine into a vintage floral skirt & cinched on a belt for definition. Cardigans, which we both wore, are also always a help when it comes to avoiding the natural boxy shape of the shirt.

And voila! You’re done. It’s pretty simple, really. The biggest trick? Tossing them out once you’ve worn them thin & and speckled with stains. There are, after all, white.