In Town!

  • Listening to: the mamas & the papas.
  • Wearing: Richard Chai & a $3.00 tee
  • Drinking: Coffee. Always.

Well, cheri, I got back into town today! After a quick nap on my very own bed and some quality cuddling with the kitty, I was fast on my way to the beach. This weekend is my cousin’s wedding, and tonight was the rehearsal dinner. Tomorrow she’ll marry in the sand, with a twinkling reception on the family porch. So exciting!

After so much landlock, I always look forward to getting my seafood fix at home. After peeling 15 pounds of shrimp for the after-party, I think I’ve found my cure.

Leaving the beach tonight, as I passed over the river, big booming fireworks on the horizon reigned me in. I’m not sure what they were celebrating, but I like to think it was a gesture of welcoming home.