Kathryn + Thomas: a wedding film

It was three months ago, on a weekend not a lot different from the one we’re all still recovering from here (cold, wet, hazy, grey) that Kathryn and Thomas exchanged vows, breath forming promises we could see in the frosty November air.

A rainy wedding day wasn’t exactly what Kathryn had in mind when planning her wedding in the months and weeks before. I’m not sure I know anyone who could say their wedding day went exactly as they meant for it to. For me it was smearing my makeup all over my new-grooms face shortly after saying I do. I distinctly remember deciding I was just going to take it all off and start over. Thank you, dear lady friends, for talking me out of that one.

What did come out of the rain that day? Gorgeous fog. Killer cool-toned light. Some really bangin’ wedding photos. An unforgettable story.

Always, what God has planned for us is so. much. better than what we could ask or imagine.

Here is a glance into their day. Warning: this one might make you cry.

As always, please click to watch on Vimeo for HD.