Keeping Track.

clockwise from top left, planners by Postalco, Plan D & Stano.

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  • Listening to: Jumpstart January mixtape No. 9, by wit + delight.
  • Wearing: A work day –– Rose colored slacks, drapey oatmeal-tinted sweaters & my black & cream wedges.

Hello, cheri, & a happy weekend to you!

For this week’s Pinterest best-of, I decided to dedicate the whole thing to that illusive, ideal, absolutely necessary but all-kinds-of-fun item in your bag: The day planner.

I’ve been seeing the best options I’ve ever come across this year, which makes me lament the 18-month calendar I bought in 2010 that hasn’t yet run out of blank pages & weeks to fill with due-dates &, well, regular old dates. So I’m posting this guide & living vicariously through any of you who may be looking for something new this year.

The day planner can be your best friend, reminding you of coffee dates & scheduled phone calls, a party here & there. All the friends you’ve penned into the blank pages of your days, weeks & months. Names you’ve written, also, on your heart.

Or, the day planner can be your worst enemy. The nag in the bottom of your bag, a constant reminder of a life lived too fast, of obligations you wish you could forget, of encroaching deadlines & impending appointments.

But there’s where function meets fun. The day planner is meant to be a balance of the things you’re made to do & the do’s that make you merry. In this new year, with 360 blank entries ahead, resolve to reflect that balance in your planner in 2012. In your life.