La Vida Local // Part I

  • Listening to: Live Under Lights & Wires, by sweet, soulful Sandra McCracken.
  • Wearing: See below.
  • Eating: Read on.

Hello, cheri, & a very happy Friday to you!

I hope your weekend has gotten off to as sweet a start as mine has today. A true weekend should encompass both rest & adventure. So, I sandwiched a quick afternoon nap in between two of my favorite things: Supporting local businesses––old favorites & new.

I met up with Kristi for lunch at a classic local cafe: Dumplin’s. It doesn’t get more Southern than that, does it? The little place was packed with cute old couples & ladies lunching. Kristi opted for the plate of the day, pork, while I went for the flatbread pizza––a very good decision.

Of course, when you put two bloggers together & toss them out on the town, they kind of create a scene with all the clicking & rearranging of plates for the perfect food photo. There are guidelines, of course: Hide extraneous napkins, push dirty plates to the side. Then there are rules: When the food is set before you, it’s photo first, dig in second. Always.

Anyway, I’m sure everyone thought we were insane.

But in the end, we didn’t much care what everyone thought. After dinner, it was all rules aside & we’ll take the cake, thanks, & a slice of that apple pie.

Hello, gooey goodness.

The cake could’ve been better, but that apple dumpling was one for the books. Moral of the story: When a restaurant’s name is an item of food, stick to ordering that food. More than likely, it’s called that for a reason.

Of course, we wrapped up the afternoon with a couple quick outfit pictures, in case you were wondering what an undercover food reviewer wears on assignment. Hint: Lots of pink & cream, clearly.

All in all, it was the perfect first half of a Friday. For more of my local exploring, drop back by tomorrow for a quick review of the new kid on the block: Red Door Cafe. Until then,