Boxes & Bags

  • Listening to: Motown Pandora. Gosh it’s good.
  • Eating: Popping Ginger Chocolate, check it out
  • Wearing: an ’80s inspired almost-too-neon outfit. Blame it on the hot pink hair clip I found on King yesterday.

Hello cheri!

Moving right along, I’m back from one place heading out to another, yet again. I arrived home from the beach, salt-sprayed & delightfully sticky, to begin packing back up for Georgia (Georgiaaaa. Lame as it may be, I still get Ray Charles stuck in my head every time I say the word). No time for blogging, only for stuffing boxes & bags & vehicles for tomorrow’s drive out West. Be looking for a string of posts on life alone, in my very own apartment, in the smallest town I’ve yet to call home (fingers crossed it’s more Mayberry than middle-of-nowhere). For the first time in my life, I’ll be cooking every meal (sure to be a laugh) & coming home to quiet (not even Rainbow could come with). Here’s to many adventures to come, cheri, & the start of a promising summer! Isn’t it just the best?