Les Boots.

  • Eating: Homemade butternut squash soup beside raspberry chicken salad.
  • Listening to: Crave You by Flight Facilities.
  • Wearing: My new thrifted boots. Read on!

Hello cheri!

Today I want to advocate one of my favorite ways to pass the time: Thrifting.

And also to brag a little about these handsome booties I found yesterday afternoon. As a self-proclaimed fashion junkie, I consider thrift shopping not only a necessity when funds are running low, but an adventure –– because finding something great in a room full of other people’s discards is not the easiest thing in the world. But it is definitely doable. I like to think it’s an acquired skill. For example: This ridiculously poorly self-timed picture above featuring me & five of my favorite thrifted shoe finds –– including the pair on my feet. I like to think of thrift shopping as an adventure, a treasure hunt of sorts. And, it’s not a bad life skill to have on hand, finding the good in a pile of bad.