Levi + Sarah



Friends, I am so excited to share these sweet engagement photos with you today — and not only that, but as you may have noticed, my new web address! Obviously, as of this post it is still incomplete, I’ve just transferred my old blog to this address and haven’t done much else yet, but keep checking back for a full-fledged overhaul that is going to be BOSS. I was probably supposed to wait to post anything here until it was looking ready, but I haven’t blogged in forever (I literally filled up my old site’s space limit with three years’ worth of images and words), and I had to put this out there for you. Hopefully the next time I post it will all be complete!

And hopefully my webmaster doesn’t kill me. But, since he’s also my boyfriend, I’m guessing he won’t. (Ben, if you’re out there, please don’t be mad. The next carton of Moose Tracks is on me.) Speaking of Ben, he also helped take half of these pictures! What a rockstar. If you notice a difference in the tone of these images, it’s because he was using an old, Nikon lens that turned his pictures soft and dream-like. I edited some of them to look the same as mine, but I like a variety, so some of them I left pretty well alone. Anyway, here’s a preview to the engagement of sweet Sarah and Levi, two good friends of ours whose wedding we’ll be shooting come July! Levi is a boy genius, who single-handedly took on the roasting of all the coffee beans at the campus coffee shop –– as a freshman. And Sarah, do I even need to say it? Is such a beaut. We had a blast shooting with these two, and we’re counting the days to the wedding.


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