Meet Buddy.

  • Drinking: My morning cup of coffee. I’ve switched to half-caf, but pondering going all the way. Anybody else giving up caffeine this year?
  • Listening to: Mixtapes from Kitsune Noir.
  • Wearing: Pajamas still. It’s softly raining outside, & echoed by the sound of my coffee brewing in the kitchen, it’s the perfect morning for lounging a bit longer than usual.

Hello, cheri!

Meet Katherine (affectionately known as Buddy). She is an amazing artist, a sweet soul & a darn good roommate –– & last night was her senior show!

Recognize those words? They’re from one of her favorite stories, really, one of the world’s all-time favorite tales, The Chronicles of Narnia. Called Words Create Worlds, Katherine’s project was all about the unique way in which the written word, so often small & simple black lines & dots & curves, create images & ideas that convey color & texture, sound & smell & all of the senses. (As a writer, I of course adored this concept.)

She used her background in graphic design to create these words, tailored to each character who spoke them, to reflect their image. Each letter she collaged & cut over several sleepless weeks –– well, really, a sleepless semester.

And everyone loved it! The show was a huge success, & we were all so proud, so relieved for her work to be done & so moved by her powerful pieces. But one theme permeated the night: Each of her advisers stood up to say a few words, & each emphasized not just her talent, but her. They called her kind & sincere, & anyone who knows Katherine would consent.

With this under her belt, there’s just a few short weeks left to the semester & she’ll be graduating come December. I can’t imagine the spring without the kind soul on the other side of my closet, but I guess we’ll make it through.

So here’s to the best Buddy I know! I hope you all enjoy this sampling of her work.