Miss Marks.

  • Listening to: The Rip Tide.
  • Wearing: Black high-waisted jeans (it’s high waist Thursday, ladies!), red & white striped French sweater, & my tan trench.
  • Drinking: Lattes upon lattes.

Hello, cheri, & a bon weekend to you!

For all of you dears out there in school, like me, comfort yourself: ONE MORE WEEK.

This was my crazy week of projects & papers, & as I look ahead to finals, I feel almost relieved that the exams should be simpler than what I’ve been through to get there. And then it’s home to Charleston, for a long & much-needed time of rest & recuperation. (& possibly job hunting. Six months to graduation! Anybody want me??)

But today I want to concentrate on a dear friend who is graduating this semester, in mere days, really.


This fine friend & neighbor has meant much to me over the past couple of years, as I know she has to countless others out there. Her quick wit, big laugh, kind soul & creative mind compose one of the greatest gals I know. And the more I think about it, the more I realize how surrounded I am by talented & truly amazing people here at school. Another neighbor, Anna Avery, is about the best when it comes to kids––her & Maddie Russo, that is. Whitney Jones, fellow writer, can pump out an article faster than I can gather my thoughts & an inspirational cup o’ joe. Kathryn Buncik, another neighbor, is one of the craftiest critters I know––everything she touches turns into something special. Which then reminds me of Kate Allen, my own roommate, who is a powerhouse of graphic design skill, but can sew like none other, makes marvelous music, bakes like a champ & snaps amazing images with her Nikon camera. Then there’s Katherine Crutcher, who I already mentioned, & Abby Ott, another roommate & first-rate photographer. There’s Kristi McMurry, Etsy extraordinaire. Josh Garcia, one of my best friends since freshman year, writes creative fiction & fact I could never fathom to put on paper. His roommate, Rob Alvey, is a design genius, & the list goes on.

As I began to recall all of this, I was astounded, humbled & filled to the brim with gratitude & love for my friends. I always knew they were amazing & talented people, but sometimes, when you become so close to someone, you forget that they are grade A artists because they become study buddies, lunch partners & the people you cozy up to in front of the TV. Until, that is, they put up a knock-your-socks-off, mind-numbing art show in the gallery on campus.

I’d seen Kristen plugging away on her project all semester. I knew the concept (which I won’t even begin to get into), & I knew she’d been working quite hard. But somehow, seeing it all up & together in the gallery, I was stunned. It was sensational.

And then I remembered, I really am in a pretty cool circle of inspirational folks here in Jackson––of all places. I have this one professor who is constantly encouraging us to surround ourselves with excellence & collaborate. I guess I already have.