My Life Under Covers.

  • Listening to: Billie Holiday
  • Drinking: Cup upon cup of tea (pushing those fluids) & eating everything in sight. People generally refer to mono-weight in the context of weight lost, but I’m thinking mine will be quite the opposite.
  • Wearing: My latest thrifted finds! During an energy high at the beginning of the day, I was able to get last week’s laundry done, at long last, & can now begin making my own mark on somebody else’s old satin & lace.

Underneath the covers, life is a little bit different. These days consist of cups, bowls, & spoons. The switch in weather from blazing spring to cold, grey, & wet, only seems that much more cruel. Kindly meant well-wishes make you want to cry, television characters make you feel like family. Communication in letters & numbers & through hand-held devices seems at the same time both the utmost of callous & the very best of things. Under the covers, things get pretty lonesome.

Well, cheri, it’s daylight savings. I wonder, in some special kind of way, whether we will be together tonight, for just a moment of time. Perhaps your clock will skip to one – but mine, for the shortest of instants, will pause – we’ll look down and see the same hour shining back up. Maybe even the same moon, in the very same sky, too. And my temporary place of dwelling, all the way over in West Tennessee, Central Time, that just won’t matter so much anymore. Maybe.

East Coast Loves:

The mountains of Carolina

The place I call home.

The City / 2009