• Eating: homemade stir fry (also known as mush. Live & learn, live & learn).
  • Listening to: Russ Pflasterer sermons. If you’re out there, City, I miss you!
  • Wearing: Whatever I could throw on in five minutes this morning after waking up an hour late. However, the resulting outfit did warrant a complete stranger chasing me down to stop the elevator doors & say “I like your outfit, it’s very Greek,” before he turned & walked away.

Hello, cheri! Ready for some more updates on the girl making it on her own? I wrote this several days earlier but the wifi in my dear old house was on the fritz. There are new stories to be told, but they’ll have to wait their turn. In the meantime, merci for holding out, if anybody really did.

The little apartment I’m living in here is slowly becoming, well, mine. Even if there’s nothing biotic to come home to, this small sort of home feels welcoming at least. Before my first night in, the place was covered in familiar bits of other places I call home. Valentino sits majestically on the coffee table, a large gold & azalea colored picture book found used with a best friend in Birmingham. Next to it lies Charleston Magazine, my only source of sea. Newspaper clippings, postcards, black & white photographs & the thousand pink magnetic words from the refrigerator in my Tennessee dorm adorn the half-empty one here, filled only for me. Though the house was advertised furnished, I’ve cleared room in the cabinets for my collection of friendly mugs. If you haven’t noticed by now, my morning cup(s) of coffee is very much a ritual, & somehow these mugs, whether gifted by or associated with a love, can only be described as dear to my heart. Day three in a brand new city, and I’ve got 4 friends: Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, & Samantha. Pathetic? Yes. Comforting? Quite. But watching Miss Bradshaw navigate life on her own makes me hopeful. Except that I’m betting there’s much more for a single gal in New York than South Georgia. For now, though, it’s time to set up the coffee & set up for bed. After all, I am a working girl.