My new friend.

  • Eating: Leftover sushi. I know, I know, they say sushi goes absolutely toxic if it’s five minutes past it’s prime. But as always, I live on the edge.
  • Listening to: Like Air, Like Twilight mixtape.
  • Wearing: Army green skinny pants under a grey & white striped hand-me-down roommate tee, with dots of red here & there (of course).

Hello, cheri!

Look at me go, two blogs in one weekend! Fall break does me well, I think. We are a great match, this little vacation & me.

Unfortunately, today is the finale. So I’ve made a new friend –– one that will last me far beyond fall –– and I am oh-so-excited.

My new friend is all smiles & laughs, though she’s quite composed. My friend is perfectly poised –– regal, even. She holds her head high & her shoulders straight.

My new friend is in the 4th grade. And starting today, she’s agreed to be my lunch date once weekly.

Here’s what I learned about my friend today:

  • She has 7 brothers & sisters, and one niece. Her oldest siblings are younger than me.
  • She lives with her grandmother, miles, county lines, cities & states away from her family in Illinois.
  • Her best subject is spelling. Math is her worst. (Preaching to the choir, girl.)
  • Her big brother scares away all her potential boyfriends. (Yeah, I’ll pretend like that’s my excuse, too.)
  • She & broccoli don’t get along so well.

Aside from her tendency to lean right-brain, we don’t have a whole lot in common. It got me thinking a lot about crossing cultural lines. That, & reading Divided by Faith for my sociology of religion course last night.

Sometimes I think to myself, I’m pretty well-cultured. I mean, this weekend alone I ate Japanese sushi, Indian curry, Korean kimchi, Thai soup & Malaysian fried fish (aka a fish that’s been barely gutted & comes head & tail included).

But really, what does that prove? Sometimes, it’s worthwhile to ask, am I just less picky about what goes on my plate than I am about people?

I do not believe that statement is true for me, but it’s never a bad idea to step back from life for a moment & evaluate the way you go about living it. And I’m so glad I’ve gotten the chance to do just that over this break. Tomorrow, life starts back & I’ll be lost in the waters of a thousand thoughts once again. But for now, I know I can face it.

J’adore, cheri, & a happy Monday to you all!

{photo credit: taken by me, in Nashville, TN. 1. sushi from PM 2., 3. & 4. taken at the multi-cultural festival held in Centennial Park Oct. 2}