Sometimes a little perspective is all you need.

It came to me in the form of Lonnie & Camille, a dear couple I’ve spent several sweet afternoons & evenings with, talking of life & love, 40 years past.

Mr. was the first black man to attend Union University. When I asked if he was nervous that first day of class, he responded, “I was just excited to get an education without much cost to my parents. And to play ball.”

That’s bravery.

If you ask them about tough times, they shy away. “Those were the ’60s. We wouldn’t want to embarrass anybody. Besides, people change,” said Mrs.

That’s generosity. That’s reconciliation. That’s kindness. That’s the kind of attitude I can only pray to achieve toward life.

Instead, they’d rather talk about their first date. “Did she tell you about fallin’ asleep when I took her out?” Mr. asked.

His memories of graduation are overshadowed by their wedding day, the week after. “It was a whirlwind,” Mrs. told me.

“Love trumps everything.”

Mr. & Danny, a teammate in college, a friend for life, pose with an old yearbook.