Postcards from Koinonia.

  • Eating: Tapas from Chai’s. My choice was tempura shrimp with spicy orange dipping sauce. Recommended.
  • Listening to: Beach House
  • Wearing: A bathing suit. My uniform of the week.

Hello cheri!

It seems as though everywhere I go, I bring with me some sort of wi-fi assaulting vibes, so I apologize for the delayed post–the internet here at home only just began working again. I’m not much for writing tonight, due to quite a bit of sun overexposure. I’ve only got 2 weeks with the beach & I’m making them count, in spite of the energy sucking & brain frying effects. So instead, I’m finally posting some photos from Koinonia, a small, sustainable community in southern Georgia, a place of peace & the where Habitat for Humanity first came into being. Enjoy!

And now, a thousand cute pig photos. I can’t help myself.

You can’t not love these guys!

More to come soon–