Feels like it’s raining all over the world.

  • Eating: Homemade white chocolate ginger biscotti, over a steaming cup of decaf.
  • Listening to: Ray Charles & Brook Benton.
  • Wearing: Breezy cream-colored cotton tank, with just enough frill to be vintage-inspired, tucked into high-waisted brown linen trousers, H&M.

Hello, cheri.

It stormed like crazy tonight, reminding me of the 60 dry days spent in Georgia not too long ago. Nearly every day, the sky would turn an unfriendly shade of grey–sometimes even involving thunder–threatening a shower. But I could count on one hand the number of times that it rained–really rained.

Before any actually hit, I wondered whether, living alone, I would be afraid of the storm. My recent close-calls with Tennessee tornadoes has my heart beating at an ever so slightly faster pace when the sky flashes & pops with the sound of thunder. Turns out, though, when that first thunderstorm broke against the tall walls & antique windowpanes of my little home, I was grateful for the white noise–even when the electricity went out. Truth is, storms aren’t so bad when you’ve got a safe place to snuggle down, maybe play a little Billy Holiday, & just listen.

Let’s not forget those who are not so fortunate, as waters rise this week in China, Pakistan, & Iowa.

{Images: 1. Rain on the steps in Charleston 2-4. Rain in Georgia, taken during a strangely sunny downpour. I thought the photographs turned out kind of eery–interesting}