Romance & magazines & five star hotels.

  • Eating: the remains of some very sad tiramisu cupcakes I had attempted to bake earlier this afternoon. Ah well, it’s an excuse to lick my fingers & start afresh. As if this house needed any more sweets.
  • Listening to: the Amelie soundtrack. And I just can’t stop.
  • Wearing: an airy cotton blouse from UO, ruffled & pale blue polka-dotted, over cuffed khaki shorts. So summertime.

Hello, cheri.

It is late here. The cat has been curled comfortably for hours, eyeing my restless motion. As always, I’m wildly envious of her guilt-free lethargy. Dirty rat.

Like I mentioned already, I’ve traded my brains for a bottle of sunscreen this week. One recurring thought that’s remained, however, is that of my birthday. I know, I know, it’s eons away still. (Well, a month. Somewhere between soon & still too distant to already be planning). But I leave for Tennessee in only seven more days, & a party is in the works for before I go. And whether it’s the sun or something else entirely, I’m having some trouble with thinking of anything I might want.

It’s like a romantic movie, or a glossy magazine spread. I want what I see, but more so, I know it’s not real. Like the picture I posted above, the epitome of conflicting desires in me, & of not knowing just exactly what it is that I want. I made the photograph in the lobby of a historic hotel downtown. Classic Charleston. There’s no place I love better, & yet I can’t see myself staying.

Who knows, cheri. Perhaps you do! Leave some suggestions if you will, & maybe we’ll come up with a gift list before the end of the week.