Rustic Design Company


I recently got to make some beautiful photos with Aaron Nebrija of Rustic Design Co. We knew Aaron from our Nashville days, though he too recently moved to sunny Charleston, where he crafts these amazing lights out of reclaimed wood and antiques. First, he hunts through flea markets and antique stores for vintage bits that will become switches, or lamp bases, or the top of a chandelier. He really gets creative with this step (see gas nozzle lamp below)! I love it. Then he might mix in some rustic barnwood, or rope, and always finishes it off with a beautiful edison bulb. They may be slim, caged, round, or the biggest bulb you’ve ever seen! One of the coolest things about his lamps and fixtures is that they are customizable. When it comes to the chandeliers, they come in several different lengths, each with a different number of hanging lights, to suit each individual’s space. But it’s not just the sizes that you can tailor to your needs. Many of the fixtures’ bulbs can be swapped from one style to another — caged for the more industrial decorator, round for a more polished look, you name it! He’s launching a brand new site soon, so be on the lookout for more.