Settling in: Part I.


And welcome to the summer edition of the blog! The high is in the 90’s here in Jackson today, & under the slanted ceilings of the attic-like upstairs of my sweet summer home, we crank up the air & close the closet doors with purpose. It’s all strategic, you see, the keeping cool of a house built nearly a century ago.

But man oh man, there’s a lot of charm packed into these doors that don’t always close & these old hardwood floors, cool & cracking beneath my feet. When it comes to me & old homes, it’s looking like love.

And speaking of love, I’ve been shown more than I could ever imagine  as I continue settling into this time of transition & so much unknown. Despite all that feels awkward & imposing about moving into a functioning family’s home, my worries were almost instantly whisked away when Angie whipped up a surprise dinner party to welcome me within my first week! Along with her sweet boys & a hefty amount of fine Indian fare, she invited along my two favorite gents for a night that was undeniably Jackson-like (sitting around the house of my favorite family in the city, enjoying the community that kept me here), but complete with all that I love that isn’t always around this funny little town (like ethnic food and a few key friends). I couldn’t have fathomed ever feeling this appreciated & accepted, welcome & warm, in a time that could so easily have tended toward tumultuous & terrifying.

So here’s a big ol’ thanks to everyone who has helped to make it so. I hope I can show you one tenth of the goodness you’ve given me these weeks.

Until next time!