Small Business Shorts: Knit.

Hello, cheri!

Today I’d like to share with you a little project I put together well, almost a year ago now. So rewind to the time when I was still in school (oh, such a sweet, sweet time) & got to enjoy things like Christmas break and Winter Terms. I’m pretty sure it was January by the time I caught up on lost collegiate sleep & decided to wake up & re-enter the world while I was out of school & able. So I took up my instrument & followed my heart to a project that still is only just beginning.

See, I have a thing for small businesses––local haunts owned & operated by people passionate about their products & services & committed to being the very best they can be, even if it’s only for their city, even if it’s only for their street.

I talked to a few local folks that January in Charleston to see if they’d be interested in sharing their stories in a series of short films I’d be debuting here on the blog––that they could then use to promote their services on their websites & social media pages. Nothing inspires me to check something out more than hearing the story behind the shop (or restaurant or cafe or whatever); how they do what it is they do & why.

Here’s a sneak peek at the healing power of cotton & wool over at Knit, located in the heart of downtown Charleston, SC, in the first of this series of mini documentaries.

Love your neighbor. Buy local.

[vimeo 53276713 w=600 h=450]