Snow Day!

  • Drinking: Perrier & lemon juice.
  • Listening to: Kitsune Noir mixtapes.
  • Wearing: Layer upon layer. Taupe & white striped button-down, polka-dot sweater, grey cotton slip dress, grey sweater tights & eggplant thigh high socks. It’s SNOWING!

Hello, cheri!

What a day today turned out to be! This morning I woke up to the sound of rain on my roof. Halfway through getting ready for class, that sound softened to silent snowfall & didn’t stop for six hours. Six hours! It was the heaviest I’d ever seen. We hid under umbrellas & screamed into the wind as we navigated the white-washed walk from & to our room. Just as we stepped back inside our dry & warm apartment, the announcement was made that campus was shutting down. So there we stayed, as the blizzard (or so I liked to call it) wore on. And even after the skies turned clear & the snow piled on bicycle seats & bushes capped off at who-knows-how-many inches, we stayed inside, piled on sofas & chairs & sprawled on the floor. There was crafting (hello, Valentines!), Web browsing, snacking & laughing galore! And to top it all off, five girls watched four hours of marathon BBC miniseries goodness, the classic North & South.

It was the perfect day of rest, relaxation, & getting off the I-forgot-my-homework hook. And last but not least, it put off heading face-first into the cold (literally), hard real world one more day. Three cheers for long weekends, & hopefully many more snow days to come!

{PS – Look at my collage! Handmade by yours truly using the lovely Polyvore. In honor of all the snow, I decided to put together some of my favorite toe-warmers from this season, including Kate Spade, Steve Madden, Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Rubber Duck & Corso Como. Is there anything better than a beautiful boot?}