• Drinking: Blueberry tea.
  • Listening to: Bon Iver. His music simply sounds like snow.
  • Wearing: My very warmest coat, hat & scarf. It’s frightful out there, cheri!

Well, cheri, this post may be coming a day or two late, but THERE IS SNOW ON THE GROUND in Jackson. It all started Monday afternoon, roundabout 1 p.m. I’d just gotten in from the holidays spent in Charleston, where the world was warm & sunny, when I arrived in Tennessee to rain & biting wind. By noon it had begun snaining, as a friend & I decided to call it: A combination of snow & rain that is absolutely disgusting & perfectly repulsive. You call it sleet, I call it snain. Because it sounds about as gross as it feels. But then, cheri, I watched from the window of my copy editing class as the snain turned to snow, billowing balls of cotton coming down in hoards onto campus––in NOVEMBER. As the rooftops turned white before our eyes, I don’t think anyone heard another word of that lecture.

Because even if you’re not a fan of the cold, there’s something undeniably magic about the first snow of the season.