Southern Living.

I feel like this outfit is the physical embodiment of the Southern Living Cookbook. Which is why, after probably six months of storing it away in my closet, I decided to pull it out & put it on for the first time ever for last Tuesday night’s edition of Fat Daddy’s. I got the dress, definitely vintage, at a clothing swap in an impulse purchase last winter, & have been at a loss of what to do with it ever since. But I was more or less in charge of the main course this week, so I figured it was only fitting to wear the one dress in my closet that could be mistaken for an apron. And once I started down the road of Steel-Magnolias-chic, I just couldn’t stop. So it was lipstick & a ’50s-style pouf from there.

It can be invigorating to step out in something so bold you know everyone will notice –– whether their noticing is good or bad. Josh greeted me with a barely stifled laugh, “Oh hey, Sister Wife.” But that’s alright. It’s fun to play dress-up for a night. Bold beats boring, every time.