Spring Break 2010

Oil spills in the sky. The tiniest of mountain peaks, rising & falling, grey; the rippling sea. Green waves, the bend and flux of marsh grass, a flickering blur to my left as we zoomed across the Stono, the Ashley, the Cooper river. Sunburns & sleeping in.

10 days spent in Charleston.

120 hours on the beach.

14 family members for Sunday dinner.

7 cupcakes to-go.

4 beautiful friends.

Have I told you lately how much I love Spring Break?

Bonnie Blue & I were reunited at long last (since the accident, see this old post) & it was so good to be back at the wheel of a 5-speed again. We bopped about town listening to range of danceable tunes – from French techno to the trashiest of hit music hip-hop – always saving Feist (remixed) for the sleepy drives home. There wasn’t a shop or café we had wanted to visit that we didn’t reserve time for – taking each by a storm of four SLRs, we (appropriately) dubbed ourselves the paparazzi. The days were divided into markets, festivals, & church; our time split between family, old friends, & lovers. There were tears, but there was laughter so much more.

All in all, SB was everything I need.

More details to come, so stop back soon, cheri!